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“My Best Me” curriculum’s primary goal is to help reduce the negative impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences and promote a positive and healthy connection between families and the community. 

What is an Adverse Childhood Experience?

Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE are potentially traumatic events that occur in a child’s life.(0-17 years of age) This may be in the form of violence, neglect, experiencing the death of a loved one, or abuse. ACE can also be categorized as experiences of elements within their life that may jeopardize their sense of safety, binding, or stability. Examples can range from parental separation to substance abuse. 

What impact can Adverse Childhood Experiences have on a child?

ACE’s are linked to mental illness, chronic health issues, and substance abuse in adults and teenagers. In addition ACE’s have shown to have an impact on a child’s academic journey and in latter years job opportunities and earning potentials.

How to prevent the impacts of ACEs?

It is important to nurture relationships and environments for all children and families to help prevent ACEs and help children reach their highest potential. According to the CDC, teaching skills that have been identified as Social Emotional Learning is a strategy to prevent the negative effects of ACEs.

Did you know that 

In the United States, 64% of adults have an ACE score of 1. This means they have experienced at least one ACE in their lifetime. This subsequently increases the chances that that individual will experience a second ACE. 

How the “My Best Me” curriculum can help

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