When Hope Meets Emotional Intelligence

The Key to Emotional Intelligence

Hope Amplifies Emotional Intelligence

Most define Hope as an optimistic outlook, but our definition of Hope is much more powerful than that. “Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today and that you have the power to make it so.” While optimism is a wish, Hope is the power and motivation to make tomorrow better than today.

By teaching children this Hope in My Best Me, we add more to Emotional Intelligence as a whole and give students willpower to make every day better than yesterday because they have the Hope to make it so.

Adding More to Emotional Intelligence

When Hope Meets Emotional Intelligence

During social emotional learning education, students properly develop healthy attitudes, learn to manage emotions, create strategies to achieve goals, and cultivate positive relationships. Infusing skills to learn to hope in our Emotional Intelligence curriculum encourages students to work toward a better tomorrow.

When educators teach Emotional Intelligence along with strategies to nurture hope, the impact is felt beyond the classroom. Higher hope equates to academic improvement, emotional livelihood, and thriving teachers.

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