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My Best Me

My Best Me is built to create positive and respectful dialogue between students and teachers. The curriculum is constructed to give teachers and students the opportunity to openly discuss personal development topics that would be inappropriate during other class times or subjects.

The curriculum is designed to be taught in one hour each week, or can be broken up into more frequent, shorter sessions. Lessons are non-sequential, giving teachers the flexibility to pair lesson with other subject matter and current events. The texts are interactive with digital activities and multimedia options.

The My Best Me Program

Curriculum Overview

The Hope Methodology

Why My Best Me Works

My Best Me is a series of lessons designed to help young people discover their true identity and purpose. Hope delivered through Emotional Intelligence (EI) enhances students’ cognitive competence giving them integrated skills needed to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.

The research-based program can increase the social and emotional skills that will help nurture and support hope in classrooms. The material integrates intra-personal and interpersonal conversations around five core concepts that incorporate EI competencies.

As educators go through the curriculum with students, there will be a greater level of goal setting, pathway development, and sense of urgency which is necessary for children to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Student participation, uninterrupted classroom instruction, and a superior learning environment are the returns on time invested in hope.

Student Centered Structure

Program Features

My Best Me provides opportunities to observe, create, play games, write, share, reflect, comment, and interact through multimedia activities.

  • Student-Centric Material
  • Non-Sequential & Flexible
  • Interactive Capability
  • Multimedia Options
  • Digital Text Options
  • Taught Weekly
  • Fosters Communication
  • Supports Parent Partnerships
  • Teacher Training
  • 30 Different Lessons

Inside each textbook

Topics Include

My Best Me covers a range of topics to incorporate EI competencies and help students discover their role, develop character, maintain physical, mental, and emotional order, practice positive interactions with others, discover why and how to manage their environment, and grow in their resource development and financial literacy.

  • Willingness to Learn
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communications Skills
  • Time Management
  • Organizing Skills
  • Growth Mindset
  • Willpower
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Stress Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Nonverbal Communication

Providing Teacher Support

Tools and Resources

The My Best Me curriculum includes several tools to support efficient and effective program execution.

Teacher’s Guide Tools: Within the Teacher’s Guide, there is an index with a material list, glossary, resource page, and more instruction on the hope methodology. Additionally, there are active hyperlinks to parent guides, student activity pages, and any interactive media used (videos, documents, etc.)

Parent Summaries: Parent summaries are provided for every lesson to showcase what was learned and offer support on how to discuss the program at home.

Hardcopy & Digital Text: Teachers are provided both a single hardcopy and a one-year subscription to the digital text version of My Best Me Teacher Guide.

Training & Teacher Portal: Teachers receive online training prior to using the program to ensure they understand how the curriculum works and how to personalize it for their class. In the teacher portal, teachers  have access to guidebooks, the student workbook, and the parent communication lessons.

Hope Survey Dashboard: Additionally, teachers are given access to the Hope Survey along with a private dashboard to monitor results of the pre/post Hope Survey.

Private Facebook Group: Collaborate with other educators in the My Best Me Educators private Facebook group. It’s a place to share ideas, get additional training, provide program feedback, and gain knowledge about Hope and how to use our curriculum in your school.

Monitor Growth in Hope

The Hope Survey

To monitor the growth of hope in students, our curriculum includes a pre and post curriculum hope assessment. The Hope Survey includes a few simple questions that help gauge the level of Hope for program participants.

Hope Survey Dashboard: School leadership and educators are given access to a private dashboard to monitor the results of the pre/post Hope Survey.

  • Manage pre- and post- curriculum Hope Survey scores
  • Easy-to-read dashboard of Hope Scores
  • Securely view all completed Hope Survey data
  • Compare Hope Survey scores to classroom, school, district, grade, or national averages
  • Quick access to educational videos for teachers on Hope
  • Simple surveys to monitor current Hope Scores for students and teachers

Supporting EI Compentencies

Our Five Main Concepts

My Best Me uses these five main concepts to deliver EI competencies.


Who I Am

Discover my role, my personality, and my character


How to Maintain Order

Discover physical, mental, and emotional health


How to Interact With Others

Discover family, people like me, people different than me, and strangers


Why and How to Manage Nature

Discover natural resources, plant life, and animal life


How to Multiply Resources and Produce Wealth

Discover income generation, financial literacy, and resource management

kids raising their hands in a classroom

The Curriculum Impacts The Wellbeing of Students

Hope Makes A Difference

Schools using My Best Me two years or more indicate a strong uptrend in positive outcomes, including an increase in graduation rates, improved grades, and greater respect for authority.

Conversely, schools using the curriculum see a strong downward trend in negative outcomes, such as suicides, unwanted teen pregnancies, absenteeism, bullying, in-school violence,  disciplinary action, and suspensions.

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