Hope isn’t just a good feeling it also has a positive impact on your health and well being

What is Hope?
Hope is an optimistic state of mind and the belief or expectation of positive outcomes. 
Research suggests that people with high hope:

  • Exhibit optimism 
  • Have a perception of control over their own life
  • Have problem solving ability 
  • A drive to do and be better
  • High self esteem 


Research has shown that hope is a psychological strength. It is linked to resilience and overall psychological well-being. (the research)

Adversely a low level of hope is highly linked to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Read more about what ACEs are and their effects on a child’s health and well-being (LINK TO BLOG)

Benefits of HOPE: (link to the research)

“My Best Me” Curriculum and HOPE

“My Best Me” curriculum promotes social-emotional skills and teaches hope. YES! Hope can be learned. Not only does our curriculum teach hope and social-emotional skills we also give you access to our Hope survey which helps you measure not only the success of the curriculum but it also helps establish a baseline and see where students are struggling. 

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