How to fund Emotional Intelligence curriculum in your School

When a school is looking to implement an Emotional Intelligence Curriculum, such as the “My Best Me” curriculum, one of their main concerns is funding. The good news is that the “My Best Me” curriculum meets federal funding eligibility standards and other state and local grant requirements. 

We encourage you to use the following resources to help fund Social-Emotional Learning in your school. 

Title Funds: federal funding opportunities for EI (Emotional Intelligence Curriculum)

  • Title I, Part A—Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies
  • Title I, Part D—Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk
  • Title II, Part A—Supporting Effective Instruction (Teacher Training and Teacher Retention)
  • Title IV, Part A—Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) Grants
  • Title VI, Part B, Subpart 1—Small, Rural School Grant Program


  • IDEA- Part B Special Education Grants to States
  • EIR 
  • FundsNet – Database to search for grants sorted by state
  • Federal Grants – (Keyword- Social Emotional Learning) federal funding filtered by opportunity status, funding type, eligibility, category and agency. 

Funding Exclusive to Oklahoma:

EIGO– allows individuals and businesses to get a state income tax credit to help offset the expense specifically for Hope Rising.EIGO is only in Oklahoma and so these benefits only apply to Oklahoma Schools and Oklahoma Income Tax payers.

Students deserve programs that will teach them social-emotional skills that will span beyond the classroom. Teachers deserve the tools and resources to make this process easy and effective. 

Hope Awaits!

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